Principio y fin

Beginning and end, Acrylic and oil on canvas 160×180 cm. La Coruña, Galicia (Spain) 2016.

Galician memories- Castellan memories.

These four works belong to the same line of research on landscape worked on in the last four years.
This series unites the memory of the light of the places inhabited in the childhood, under the absence of light in Galicia, comparing the physical amplitude of the plateau with the sensation of infinity of the sea as limit.

The Castellan and the marine horizon cross in these paintings. For someone from Castilla, where the horizon extends endlessly, the sea is seen as a term, a boundary of water; however, for someone used to the marine environment the sea is like the Castellan plateau.

The width of the gaze is marked by a landscape of its own, the memory of no limits. As we change and move, we leave behind a finite space, we find a demarcated territory, we reach an end.

Synthesis of the landscape and the representation of the body in the painting. Like memory, the painting becomes a space where the evocation of an instant, music, memory and the superimposition of life experiences converge.

Oleo sobre lienzo
Castilicia II. Acrílico y óleo sobre lienzo 160x180 cm La Coruña 2016.
Oleo sobre lienzo
Infinite platform. Acrylic and oil on canvas 160x180 cm La Coruña 2016.